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Driver Off-Loading and Loading Safety

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Driver Off-Loading and Loading Safety

Certificate recognised by the RSA & the HSA

FITAC are proud to present our latest course, Driver Off-Loading and Loading Safety.

Load securing and safe loading has become a very topical and important subject amongst the Road Safety Authority and the Health & Safety Authority at present in Ireland.

We recognise that there has been an increase in incidents involving the transportation of goods, and this course aims to address these issues, by delivering tailor-made courses to suit our client’s specific needs,

Off-Loading and Loading training for Drivers is a comprehensive course for up to 5 people per group, designed to equip staff with the skills and knowledge they need to operate safety in various different workplace environments.

Course Content

Background and Objectives, why we carry out training, legal responsibilities

All relevant Legislation, Health & Safety at Work Act

The different types of mechanical equipment used in warehouses

Particular focus on the Power Pallet Truck Theory

Manual Pallet Truck – Manual Handling (pushing and pulling)

Hazards and Risk associated with Off-loading and Loading vehicles

Opening the back door of the container/lorry safely (falling objects)

Operation and Safe Working on Tail Lift Vehicles

Safe operation of curtain-side lorries (opening and closing)

Access and egress to and from trailers (Working at Heights)

Safe and correct operation of dock levellers

Internal Warehouse hazards and risk assessments

Slopes and gradients and the dangers therein while operating

Operating in adverse weather conditions

How to assess a load which may be unstable/dangerous to offload

Off-Loading and Loading of Double stacked pallets

Different types of pallets and the safest way to transport each type

Safe loading procedures, securing of loads and dangers associated with unstable loads

Dangerous goods awareness

Practical training in the warehouse on all operations above

Practical training on the Power Pallet Truck

Health and Safety at Work

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Health and Safety at Work

FETAC Certificate valid for 3 years

This Health and Safety at Work Training Course is for any person who is responsible for health & safety in their workplace or who requires a recognized qualification in Occupational Health and Safety. The Health and Safety at Work Training Course is designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to promote and maintain health & safety in their place of work.

Course Content

Health and Safety Promotion in the Workplace

Health and Safety Legislation

The Role and Function of the Health and Safety Authority

Safety Statements

Role and Rights of Safety Representatives

Effective Communication and Meeting Participation

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Fire Hazards and Fire Prevention

Accident Causation and Prevention Strategies

Occupational Health

IOSH Managing Safely

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IOSH Managing Safely

‘IOSH Managing Safely’ Certificate

IOSH Managing Safely is the ideal course for members of staff who are required to manage health and safety at work. This IOSH Managing Safely course teaches learners the skills necessary to manage safety in compliance with their organization’s safety policy and best practice in occupational health and safety. The course is ideal for non-health and safety expert personnel who have to manage risk and resources on a day to day basis.

Course Content

Know what is meant by the terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’

Evaluate risk using a structured risk assessment approach

Identify and implement appropriate workplace precautions for specific risks or seek advice on workplace precautions

Be involved in preparing written risk assessments

Understand and have input into their organization’s health and safety policy and health and safety management system

Be involved in preparing written risk assessments

Cooperate and communicate on health and safety matters

Ensure that their own work and that of the employees for whom they are responsible is carried out safely, i.e. without undue risk to themselves and others

Report relevant accidents and incidents

Identify methods of monitoring how safe their workplaces are

Roadworks Health & Safety

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Roadworks Health & Safety

FETAC Certificate valid for 5 years

This one day Health and Safety at Roadworks course is designed to train roadworkers to assist the Signing Lighting and Guarding cardholder during the implementation of a traffic management plan also for anyone who is involved in the development, organisation and management of roadworks on all road types so as to understand the risks to their own safety from passing traffic as well as the need to avoid creating dangers to road users.

Course Content

The main course of legislation relating to safety at roadworks

The general legal considerations governing Safety, Health and Welfare at work

The duties of employers and employees ensuring a safe place of work.

The concept of risk and the necessity for risk assessments

The source of authority to stop and direct road traffic

How to minimize the risk for site personnel and the general public

The requirements for personal protective equipment at roadworks

The order of signage at temporary roadworks

Determining the correct control of the traffic system for all roadwork conditions

The legal requirements for safe operation of plant and equipment involved at roadworks

The potential hazards involved in any excavation works

Dealing with materials, delivery, storage, and handling

What constitutes an emergency. What to do and not to do

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