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Accident Investigation

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Accident Investigation

FITAC realise that sometimes accidents do inevitably happen, but not learning from the accident is the real issue for a lot of companies today.

The basic objective of any investigation is to prevent a recurrence.  In order to do this the first step is to gather information to determine the chain of events leading up to the accident/incident, the root causes of the accident/incident and any contributory factors that affected the scale of the consequences and the remedial actions necessary to prevent a recurrence. We can assist in undertaking any investigation and formulating (and instigating) plans to prevent recurrence.

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We have extensive experience in undertaking accident investigations, with the outcomes being scrutinised by regulatory bodies for example the HSA, RTITB and all main players in the insurance federation.

In addition FITAC have undertaken accident, incident and assault investigations forming part of the employer’s evidence to defend compensation claims.

If you require our accident investigation services, please drop us a line today and we will arrange a confidential consultation with you on site at a time convenient for you.

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