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Logistics Courses: Reducing Stock Losses / Inventory Control

All Warehouses and production facilities have a certain amount of stock losses, breakages, and write offs that are factored into the budget for any given year. Unfortunately some managers see that budget as a target that’s not to be exceeded by the end of the year, rather than focusing on what is causing the losses to occur in the first place and saving the business money. When stock losses are not addressed, the problem inevitably gets worse before it gets better.

FITAC have extensive experience in investigating and resolving stock loss issues with a number of large companies here in Ireland. We conduct a full root cause analysis, showing the customer the extent of their losses and what we aim to save the company before we actually start the investigation. We leave no stone unturned in the process, even bringing in the services of the Gardai when requested where in-house theft has been confirmed by our investigation. Our results are then presented to management with all recommendations and processes to be implemented included.

FITAC can conduct a wide variety of inventory services, depending on the Warehouse and Production environments.

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