TAPA Security Certification

To ensure the security of the goods in your organisation’s supply chain, implement the TAPA Freight Security Requirements. Businesses storing high-value goods such as pharmaceuticals, clothing, tobacco, retail and high-tech equipment in warehouses and distribution centres, implement this standard to safeguard those warehouses, as well as those of their transportation providers.

TAPA Security Certification FITAC Health & Safety

Our TAPA certification assessment includes an audit of elements across your business, including access control, employee checks, perimeter security, and intruder security devices, monitoring systems, high-value storage areas and transit delays. The audit process will also look for any areas of concern in your warehouses, distribution centres and consolidation facilities, as well as helping you to specify minimum security measures for drivers.

As a key link in your supply chain management, a logistics certificate from TAPA will demonstrate your commitment to increasing and improving security, as well a meeting the requirements of your customers.

We perform audits against all global and regional security requirements, including:
  • ISO 28000 (also certifiable)
  • TAPA TSR and
  • C-TPAT

Partnering with FITAC to achieve TAPA certification for Freight Security Requirements leads to better performing processes, increasingly skilful personnel and more sustainable customer relationships, in turn delivering profitable competitive advantage. We are the market leader in the field of transportation and supply chain security.

Improve supply chain security with a TAPA certification audit from FITAC against the Freight Security Requirements.

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