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Warehouse Design & Re-Design

Designing a new warehouse, distribution, or fulfilment facility or reengineering an existing one is typically driven by change such as

A growing universe of SKUs

Increasing sales volumes

More value-added services

Changes to product sourcing

Shifting order profiles (smaller orders more often)

New market channels

Variations in regulatory or compliance requirements

Migration in shipping transportation mode (parcel, LTL, truckload)

Inventory growth or regression

Corporate divesture, merger, or acquisition

Warehouse Design

Since a business model change rarely occurs overnight, it is likely that layers of proverbial Band-Aids, bubble gum, and duct tape were applied over time to fight the operational “fire of the day”. At some point, the compounded results of change become significant and unacceptable: operational bottlenecks; falling accuracy rates; low order fill rates; increasing labor requirements; slow dock to stock times; insufficient capacity; decreasing productivity; and increased distribution costs as a percentage of sales.

By the time a consultant is called in, there is typically severe operational pain and time is likely the greatest challenge of all. Some of our clients have the internal talent (analytical and engineering skills) to design warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations and simply need us to provide the increased horsepower and a “fresh set of eyes” needed for a major supply chain design initiative. In either case, we bring decades of experience and a proven approach and methodology to the table.

We move seamlessly from data crunching, alternative concept development, comparative analysis, through design detailing. Because we are not predisposed to any particular solution or brand our designs are driven solely by your service level goals and return-on-investment criteria. We engage in a collaborative effort with your team to develop flexible, scalable operations that achieve high levels of productivity and mitigate risk.

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