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180° Back Hoe Excavator

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180° Back Hoe Excavator/Loader (JCB)

Certificate of training recognised by the RTITB

Course Aim

To give the course participants the knowledge and skills needed for the safe and effective operation of a 180° Back Hoe Excavator.

Course Objectives

Safely use quick hitch.

Lift and deposit loads.

Use ancillary attachments (forks).

Carry out a pre-start inspection.

Operate safely under varying site conditions.

Carry out minor adjustments and routine service.

Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation.

Excavate to various depths and formations and reinstate ground.

Operate machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers’ manual and instructions and accepted good practice.

Course Summary

Refueling procedures

Road Traffic Act

Loading vehicles

Relevant legislation/regulations

Travelling on inclines

Lift and move basic slung loads

Doze, scrape, clam and shovel

Configure machine for road travel

Forming stock piles

Pre-start inspections/maintenance

Introduction to machine

Controls and instruments

Excavate to levels

Back-filling and leveling

CSCS Theory Test Preparation

Repositioning of Backhoe

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