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Ship To Shore Crane

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Ship To Shore Crane

Certificate of training recognised by the RTITB

The scope of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge and skill to handle and operate a ship-to-shore crane in order to load and unload ships in a safe and productive way.

Number of Participants: Maximum of 2

Duration: Uo to 4 week

Location: Onsite


Lifting gear and use of lifting gear

International signals

Safety procedure crane driver

Operation of the crane

Use of container spreader

Risk detection and safety

Pre use check list

Basic knowledge of ship structure (cells, gliders, bay’s)

Technical safety procedures

Tour of the Crane

Safety path of the crane

Engine Room



Lifting Gear & Use of Lifting Gear

  • Shackle between hoist and cargo
  • Supervision of actions
  • Maintenance lifting gear
  • Calculating the S.W.L.
  • Storm warning
  • People transport
  • Load diagram
  • Visibility
  • Communication
  • Portside and star board
  • Related tasks ship-to-shore crane training

Check List

  • Eye contact
  • Warning signals
  • General moves and signals
  • Vertical movement
  • Horizontal movement
  • Danger
  • Driving with the crane
  • Positioning the crane
  • Combining the movements
  • Use of container spreader
  • Hoisting and lowering containers
  • Handling hatch covers
  • Loading and unloading of containers on a vessel
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