power pallet truck training

Power Pallet Truck Training

PPT’s are commonly used in almost every warehouse for loading and off loading lorries, moving pallets into position, and for picking orders, but are also a common source of accidents through misuse and lack of specific training relating to each type of machine.

Our course covers the following types of PPT

  • PPT Pedestrian
  • Long Legs
  • Stand on Stackers
  • Chariot
  • Ride-on

Course Content

  • The two segments to the program include classroom theory & practical evaluation
  • Review legislation relating to the Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Outline the responsibilities of Owner, Employer, Supervisors, and Workers
  • Group discussion on experiences of actual incidents or close calls
  • Consequences of unsafe driving of an Electric Pallet Lift Truck
  • Pre-shift Inspections
  • Stability triangle \ trapezoid
  • Centre of Gravity of the load & Centre of Gravity of the truck
  • Capacity of Low Industrial Pallets, capacity plates (reading & understanding.)
  • Specific hazards & controls when driving a Low Industrial Lift Truck.
  • How to respond to an emergency situation involving a Low Industrial Lift Truck
  • List specific driving rules to your use of Low Industrial Pallets.
  • Learner Verification and review. 34 question, True & False format.


On successful completion of the course operators will receive a certificate of training recognised by the RTITB