Power Pallet Truck Training FITAC Health & Safety

Power Pallet Truck Training

PPT’s are commonly used in almost every warehouse for loading and off loading lorries, moving pallets into position, and for picking orders, but are also a common source of accidents through misuse and lack of specific training relating to each type of machine.

Our course covers the following types of PPT

  • PPT Pedestrian
  • Long Legs
  • Stand on Stackers
  • Chariot
  • Ride-on

Course Content

  • The two segments to the program include classroom theory & practical evaluation
  • Review legislation relating to the Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Outline the responsibilities of Owner, Employer, Supervisors, and Workers
  • Group discussion on experiences of actual incidents or close calls
  • Consequences of unsafe driving of an Electric Pallet Lift Truck
  • Pre-shift Inspections
  • Stability triangle \ trapezoid
  • Centre of Gravity of the load & Centre of Gravity of the truck
  • Capacity of Low Industrial Pallets, capacity plates (reading & understanding.)
  • Specific hazards & controls when driving a Low Industrial Lift Truck.
  • How to respond to an emergency situation involving a Low Industrial Lift Truck
  • List specific driving rules to your use of Low Industrial Pallets.
  • Learner Verification and review. 34 question, True & False format.


On successful completion of the course operators will receive a certificate of training recognised by the RTITB