To avail of the Restart Grant, a business must be in the Local Authorities Commercial Rates Payment System and:  

1.) Have an annual turnover of less than €5m and employ between 1 to 50 people.

 2.) Have closed and/or suffered a projected 25%+ loss in turnover to end June 2020

 3.) Commit to remain open or to reopen if it was closed

 4.) Declare the intention to retaining employees that are on The Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) and to reemploy staff on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment where applicable.

Grants & Support FITAC Health & Safety
Grants & Support FITAC Health & Safety

 The Government have agreed details of the new €250m Restart Grant, which will give direct grant aid to micro and small businesses to help them with the costs associated with reopening and reemploying workers following COVID-19 closures.


The Grant will be available to businesses with a turnover of less than €5m and employing 50 people or less, which were closed or impacted by at least a 25% reduction in turnover out to 30th June 2020. It is a contribution towards the cost of re-opening or keeping a business operational and re-connecting with employees and customers.


The grants will be equivalent to the rates bill of the business in 2019, with a minimum payment of €2,000 and a maximum payment of €10,000.


Applications for the Restart Grant can be made online to local authorities from Friday 22nd May. About the Restart Grant


 Micro and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the economic effects of Covid-19. Many businesses, even while closed, continue to incur costs including fixed costs without being able to generate revenues. It is recognised that businesses will also incur costs in preparing their businesses to reopen and meeting the needs of employees and customers. The Restart Grant is designed to alleviate the pressure on businesses in this context.


 The grant can be used to defray ongoing fixed costs, for replenishing stock and for measures needed to ensure employee and customer safety.

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Supporting & Promoting Innovative Measures by Meath Small & Medium Business in Response to the Challenges posed by COVID-19 Restrictions.


Grants & Support FITAC Health & Safety

Small & Medium Business in County Meath who fulfil the following criteria may apply


 1.) Be a registered business and have a registered trading address in County Meath.


2.) Be in operation for at least one year.


3.) Clearly demonstrate how it has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.


4.) Outline clearly its plans to innovate or adapt and the positive impact that this funding will have in strengthening and sustaining the business during and after the crisis.


5.) Include a budgeted projection on costs and details on exactly how any funding will be implemented.


How much is available in The Covid-19 Support Fund for Meath SMB’s?


The total fund is €250,000. The maximum grant available to any business is €3,500.


– Successful applicants will receive a letter of offer with details of the monies granted.


– In addition to the grant monies, selected applicants will be invited to access County Meath Chamber membership supports as well as SMB digital supports from Facebook.


What can The Covid-19 Support Fund for Meath SMB’s be spent on?


The fund is available to support innovative measures by Meath SMB’s. The following are examples of what may be considered (this list is not exhaustive) – product diversification costs, capital costs, digitisation of business, purchase of remote/home working equipment, development of strategies to attract new customers, social distancing measures,


What is excluded from the Covid-19 Support Fund for Meath SMB’s?


Support cannot be sought for things that are already covered by government support packages


 For more information on how FITAC can help you utilise this grant please contact us here.

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