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Restrictive Practice (Restraint)

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Restrictive Practice (Restraint)

This NMBI approved half-day course is aimed at Healthcare professionals/ employees. Whilst a basic definition of restraint might be ‘restricting movement’ or ‘restricting liberty’, many care interventions unintentionally restrict the movement of people. Some interventions can be viewed at providing protection for residents. This program encourages participants to reflect on interventions that could be seen as restraining residents if viewed from a resident’s perspective.

Course Content

Understanding the types and effects of restrictive practices & restraints

Protection V’s Abuse- balancing risks and rights

Assessment and Consent when using Restraint- Resident Inclusion

Managing Restraints – keeping the intervention person-centered

Alternatives & Creative Ways to avoid Physical Restraint

Policies & Standards

Most appropriate and safe use of Physical Restraint

Most appropriate and safe use of Chemical Restraint

Evaluating Restraint Policy and Care Plans

Eliminating/ Reducing the need for restrictive practices.

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