Reach Container Stacker Training FITAC Health & Safety

Reach Container Stacker Training

The scope of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge to handle and operate the reach stacker in order to handle and move containers in a safe and productive way.

Number of participants: Maximum of 3

Duration: 3 Days 

Location: Onsite

Training Contents

  • General Reach stacker technical knowledge
  • Reach stacker daily maintenance – pre use check list
  • To hoist and lower containers in a safe way
  • Special technique to load and stack containers 4 to 5 high
  • Stability, load and centre location
  • Risk detection and safety

Working with the Reach Stacker

  • Driving the reach stacker
  • How to approach the container
  • Positioning the spreader
  • Anticipating underground in order to absorb the reach stackers movements
  • How to turn and move in a tire-saving way

Theoretical initiation

  • Getting acquainted with the inside of the reach stacker

  • The controls panel

  • Symbols (safety and driving symbols)

  • Engine and turbo

  • Hydraulic system

Practical initiation

  • How to operate the reach stacker

  • The controls panel

  • Safety instructions reach stacker

Pick Up, Lift and Lower Containers

  • Positioning of container in view of stability

  • Safe driving – safety level visibility

  • How to stack containers one high

Positioning Containers Two and Three High

  • Positioning spreader in view of corner pockets (twist locks)

  • Order of manoeuvring (safety height before side movement or rotation)

Positioning Containers Four and Five High

  • Extra handling Anticipating changed stability of vehicle

  • Anticipating underground before stacking five high

  • Operating the joy stick (alternated handling commands)

  • Anticipating the monkey in the box effect (uneven loaded cargo effect)



The course will consist of both theoretical and Practical exam.

The successful candidate will be issued with an RTITB certificate which is valid throughout Ireland and the UK.