Project Management Course Overview

The Project Management Framework 2-day workshop is designed to deliver basic project management concepts, tools and techniques needed to prepare for starting and competing a project successfully.

You’ll learn about the processes involved at each stage, the roles and responsibilities that the sponsor and the project team must fulfil to achieve project objectives, and how these practices relate to the project life cycle.

It’s aim is to help individuals to succeed in today’s environment of constant change, high performance expectations and resource constraints

Project Management FITAC Health & Safety

Course Learning Objectives

Establish a common language and understanding of basic management terms and concepts.

Describe the purpose, inputs and outputs of the core process in each of the five process groups: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closing.

Define the 10 knowledge areas of Project management.

Describe effective team behaviours for:

  • Managing and controlling a project communicating effectively;
  • Gaining and managing commitment;
  • Resolving conflict – explain the use of these behaviours within the team, within the organisation, and outside the organisation.

Establish a basic knowledge and understanding of the following project management tools and techniques, how and when to use them:

  • Project scope statement;
  • Work breakdown structure;
  • Critical Path Diagram;
  • Budget Report;
  • Bar/Gantt Chart;
  • Risk Profile;
  • Contingency Plans;
  • Reporting to sponsors.

Demonstrate a clear understanding of what activities, tools and techniques are necessary in each phase of a project.

Application of learning to your own particular project environment.

Who Should Attend?

The course is specifically designed for individuals from various backgrounds in the organisation who are or have been exposed to project management but have had no formal training in the area.

Project Management FITAC Health & Safety

Course Outcomes

Upon course completion students will be able to:

  • Link project goals and objectives to clear, compelling stakeholder needs;
  • Set realistic, measurable objectives and ensure positive results;
  • Build a solid project plan within your unique organisational constraints.
  • Develop and manage a high-performance team; and
  • Master fundamental project management skills, concepts and techniques.